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About the Behavioral Health Ombudsman of Colorado (BHOCO)


The Behavioral Health Ombudsman’s office serves as a neutral party to help individuals and health-care providers navigate and resolve issues and ensure compliance regarding consumer access to behavioral health care. We operate independently from Colorado's governmental agencies and insurance carriers.


The Behavioral Health Ombudsman Office of Colorado (BHOCO) was established by Colorado House Bill 18-1357 and House Bill 19-1269. The role of the Ombudsman office is to:

  1. Interact with consumers and health care providers with concerns or complaints to help them resolve behavioral health care access and coverage and coverage issues
  2. Identify, track and report to the appropriate regulatory or oversight agency concerns, complaints and potential violations of state or federal rules, regulations or statutes concerning the availability of, and terms and conditions of, benefits for mental health conditions or substance use disorders, including potential violations related to quantitative and nonquantitative treatment limitations.
  3. Receive and assist consumers and providers in reporting concerns and filing complaints with appropriate regulatory or oversight agencies relating to inappropriate care, an emergency procedure under section 27-65-105, a certification for short-term treatment under section 27-65-107, or a certification for long-term care and treatment under section 27-65-109
  4. Provide appropriate information to help consumers obtain behavioral health care
  5. Develop appropriate points of contact for referrals to other state and federal agencies, and
  6. Provide appropriate information to help consumers or health care providers file appeals or complaints with the appropriate entities, including insurers and other state and federal agencies.