Aubrey Boggs has been named the new Ombudsman for Behavioral Health Access to Care. Ms. Boggs will serve as a neutral party to help consumers and providers navigate and resolve issues related to consumer access to care for mental health and substance use disorders. The Ombudsman Office also identifies, tracks and reports on concerns and potential violations of federal and state mental health parity laws, as well as on any actions taken by the office to assist consumers and providers. 

As a mental health advocate and peer, Aubrey understands how essential access to quality behavioral health care is. Her work as an advocate for mental health has been rooted in her own lived experience, and in the experiences of her community. From contributing to task forces and committees, testifying on legislation, facilitating community meetings, advocacy, wellness training sessions, and working one on one friends and neighbors, Aubrey has worked tirelessly for her community. 

Aubrey found her love of advocacy while volunteering with One Colorado - a group dedicated to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Coloradans and their families. That grew into a career after working with the Colorado Mental Wellness Network as their Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator. Aubrey’s passion is helping people find wellness and recovery, and destigmatizing behavioral health conditions. 

Aubrey lives with her husband, Drew, cattle dog and two cats in Aurora. She loves life in this beautiful state, and can’t imagine trading the morning drive view of mountains for any other scenery. She enjoys hikes with her dog, visits to the mountains for skiing and nature, baking bread from scratch, spending time with her many plants, and learning as much as possible about anything and everything.